Terms & Requirements

Participants to the School will be advanced undergraduate and graduate (MSc and PhD) students, postdocs, young faculty, and other academic and industrial researchers interested in an intensive study of key topics on Data Science. They are required to already have some exposure to databases, data mining, and machine learning. They should speak and understand English.

Admission to the Summer School will be based on the candidate’s profile and academic and professional experience (as captured in their CV), together with their motivation for participating (as captured in their statement of purpose) and the recommendation letter from their supervisor.

Student fees are covered by ACM and the other School sponsors and include the following: all course material and documentation, accommodation for 8 nights (in: 12 July, out: 20 July) in the 4* Royal Olympic Hotel (in double occupancy rooms-for students appropriately paired up, with breakfast and lunch included), and several social activities (details to be announced soon). Personal expenses and any other expenses (e.g. flights to and from Athens, single occupancy accommodation etc) not expressly stated here are not covered by the School.

To apply, fill out the online form. Early application is highly encouraged!

For any inquiries and support with your application please contact us.

Apply online HERE