‘Observatories and data analytics for Web Science’ – Keynote speech by Professor Dame Wendy Hall

Abstract Over the last 25 years the Web has evolved into a critical global infrastructure. Since its emergence in the 1990s, it has exploded into hundreds of billions of pages that touch almost all aspects of modern life.

1st ACM Europe Summer School Daily Schedule

The School’s daily schedule is now announced. All courses run from 8.30 to 17.00 – 18.00. Please note that there are no courses taught on Sunday, July 16th.

Welcome to the 1st ACM Europe Summer School on Data Science

The 1st ACM Europe Summer School on Data Science will take place in Athens on July 13-19 2017. Young Computer Science researchers will have the opportunity to attend courses in the topics of Data Science, Data Management and Analysis, Machine Learning, Big Data, Security and Privacy, etc.

The results of the selection process will be announced on 16 June 2017

Due to the very large number of applications received, evaluation of the relevant material is still in process. Notification of acceptance is postponed until Friday, 16 June.

‘On the Nature of Computing’: a keynote speech by Joseph Sifakis

Abstract: Computing is a domain of knowledge. Knowledge is truthful information that embedded into the right network of conceptual interrelations can be used to understand a subject or solve a problem. According to this definition, Physics, Biology but also Mathematics, Engineering, Social Sciences and Cooking are all domains of knowledge.

Meet the speakers

Prospective students will have the opportunity to attend courses given by distinguished and influential educators in the realm of computer science, engineering and data science who will share their wisdom and academic expertise.