Raymond Ng, Professor of Computer Science, Canada Research Chair in Data Science and Analytics,Vancouver, Canada

Title: Mining and Summarizing Text Conversations


With the ever-increasing popularity of Internet technologies and communication devices such as smartphones and tablets, and with huge amounts of such conversational data generated on hourly basis, intelligent text analytic approaches can greatly benefit organizations and individuals.  For example, managers can find the information exchanged in forum discussions crucial for decision making. Moreover, the posts and comments about a product can help business owners to improve the product.

In this lecture, we first give an overview of important applications of mining text conversations, using sentiment summarization of product reviews as a case study. Then we examine three topics in this area: (i) topic modeling; (ii) natural language summarization; and (iii) extraction of rhetorical structure and relationships in text.

Syllabus: (5 hours)

  1. Text conversations and business intelligence
  2. Sentiment extraction and summarization as applications
  3. Topic modeling
  4. Extractive and abstractive summarization
  5. Rhetorical analysis
  6. Summary

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of machine learning and natural language processing is preferred but not required.


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Title: Big Data for Personalized Medicine


Personalized medicine has been hailed as one of the main frontiers for medical research in this century. In the first half of this lecture, we will give an overview on our projects that use gene expression, proteomics, DNA and clinical features for biomarker discovery. In the second half, we will describe some of the challenges involved in biomarker discovery. One of the challenges is the lack of quality assessment tools for data generated by ever-evolving genomics platforms. We will conclude the talk by giving an overview of some of the techniques we have developed on data cleansing and pre-processing.

Syllabus: (2 hours)

  1. Overview of selected biomarker discovery applications: heart transplants and COPD
  2. Top challenges facing biomarker discovery
  3. Quality control tools for molecular data
  4. Graph construction for systems biology