Who can participate?

Advanced undergraduate and graduate (MSc and PhD) students, postdocs, young faculty, and other academic and industrial researchers interested in an intensive study of key topics on Data Science are welcomed to apply in the 3rd  ACM Europe Summer School. Candidates are required to already have some exposure to databases, data mining, and machine learning.

The School is open to participants from any country and of any nationality and the selection Committee will do all the best to ensure an equal treatment for all candidates. All participants should speak and understand English.

Upon receipt of the complete online application, admission to the Summer School will be based on the candidate’s profile, academic and professional experience, together with their motivation for participating (as captured in their statement of purpose) and the recommendation letter from their supervisor.

Since the number of applicants for the ACM Summer School exceeds the number of available positions by far, applicants are subjected to a competitive selection process. Once the application deadline has passed, the selection committee will review all of the applications and will notify the candidates of their decision. Selected applicants will receive further info and details about their participation.

Early application is highly encouraged!

The application process is now closed.

For any inquiries and support with your application please contact us.